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Keith Hampton
2006 Keith Hampton / BMI


From CHANCE & CHANGE. Produced by Keith Hampton & David Liquori. Vocals, guitar: Keith. E-bow: Jim Dalton. Percussion: Catherine Birrer.
KEITH HAMPTON: Chance & Change


grinding my teeth on the train, on my way out to meet you i’m burning to be a brand-new version of me when i see you all the limits and the borderlines are stretching out and shaking me awake i thought i put to sleep my desire to keep you, up until today it isn’t really love you are not the one surely you are more than just familiar. i’ve put up a brilliant fight and i know these city streets like i’d know the curve of your cheek in any light what if i could swallow this? the more i choke, the less i’d miss of you? you were safely out to sea, barely bound to me, and unforgiven too it isn’t really love you are not the one it isn’t really, no no holding back this thunder as another “nice to see you” slips away the damage done is less, but you’d never guess the secrets that i save my one and only weakness lingers on beyond my best defense if i rise from underneath this, will i only just be free to fall again? you are not the one it isn’t really love, no no you are not the one