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Keith Hampton
2006 Keith Hampton / BMI


From CHANCE & CHANGE. Produced by Keith Hampton & David Liquori. Vocals, guitar: Keith. E-bow: Jim Dalton.
KEITH HAMPTON: Chance & Change


you thought i didn’t hear you but i did you thought that i was sleeping while i hid my eyes and held my breath your vigil was my rest as i listened in the dark to every whisper you used to say my name like a prayer within a dream almost silently you spoke your love for me so sweetly in my ear when you were here you though i might leave you and i did ‘cause you never made your case now we’re circling the space that’s left between and all this love i’ve been saving up forever just won’t go away o my tidal wave i know you gave your best for me now the rest will be just a shadow of the years when you were here o my tidal wave... you thought i didn’t hear you but i did