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I Will Not Fall Again

Keith Hampton
2006 Keith Hampton / BMI


From CHANCE & CHANGE. Produced by Keith Hampton & David Liquori. Vocals, guitar: Keith. Mandolin: Jim Dalton.
KEITH HAMPTON: Chance & Change


he picks himself up and says “i will not fall again” brushing the dust off of his knees and his hands and his pride in the afternoon haze of this august-day reverie he is climbing and leaping and living through eight-year-old eyes to the top of the stairs where the ledge is just high enough it’s a thrill to look down and set one foot out leaning in space a safety pin binding his terrycloth wonder-cape to his makeshift identity, gleaned from a comic-book page all of the magic he’s seen sunday school and saturday tv granting him wings in his dreams so many stories, so many reasons to fly his journey is less than a fraction of fantasy he’s a dandelion seed drifting joyously frozen in time but down to the ground measures four feet of ecstasy ‘cause the porch and the lawn could be mars and the moon, in his mind all of the magic he’s seen... fly the end of the day is a sky filled with street lights and a crimson divide in the clouds as the sun goes to sleep he picks himself up and says “i will not fall again” i will not fall, i will not fall i will not fall i will not