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Keith Hampton
2006 Keith Hampton / BMI


From CHANCE & CHANGE. Produced by Keith Hampton & David Liquori. Vocals, guitar: Keith. Piano: Sandi Hammond.
KEITH HAMPTON: Chance & Change


we come from the land of walnut and mulberry trees cattle and corn and dairy farms and factories i’ve waited for you like i know my love you’ve waited for me to come together this way, this way here in the house of my childhood with all of my dreams i’m writing your name in the story of my history i’m dressed in my best just to kiss you and we know what it means so they can see us this way, starting today this is not an unexamined soul i’ve been learning with every hit and miss how to lean into the wind, lean into the wind with you love will balance every challenge of time, chance and change this will be our dance, this is how we’ll sway so i stopped searching every fleeting face in a crowd for the one pair of eyes i could memorize inside and out i send a message to you in the future looking back on us now let’s remember this day, always this is not an unexamined soul... if we find a barrier, we can build a bridge we can build a bridge if we feel a storm cloud coming we’ll always know where our shelter is for this is not an unexamined soul...