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Turn the Wheel

Keith Hampton
2006 Keith Hampton / BMI


From CHANCE & CHANGE. Produced by Keith Hampton & David Liquori. Vocals, guitar: Keith. Mandolin: Jim Dalton. Percussion: Catherine Birrer.
KEITH HAMPTON: Chance & Change


letting go is not the same as losing i just thought i’d let you know what i’ve been thinking you can call me up though we’re not waking up together anymore we can avoid goodbyes if some other words feel better like “see you later” i want to be a light in the life of everyone who knows me am i too shy to be a diamond in the roughness of this world where nothing’s right and nothing’s real? can i turn the wheel? let me heal and be healed spin and see what comes around for you and me turn the wheel getting mad is not the same as fighting but i didn’t know that so i was skeptical and spiteful it’s not enough to find somebody who can hold you because anything can fade until you’re left with no rescue but i want to be a light... letting go is not the same as losing i find comfort in this you still think it’s just confusing let’s turn the wheel can we turn the wheel? let’s turn the wheel turn the wheel