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Keith Hampton
Keith Hampton/BMI


from HOPEFIRE (2002)


bernadine, i took a drive to your house down by the lake in the afternoon of a summer sky all your sons and daughters sisters and your brothers took the stage we ate and drank your memory in rosy clothes and cleo laine years ago and miles between now the teachers and the teenagers and everyone who loved you just like me we've come to comfort one another you'll know us by the lack of light in our eyes and when the ceremony fades something still remains it's the words on the page for you oh bernadine i left my home i still come around and it's bittersweet when the best of friends i used to know have scattered all away like the tender dust on the wings of a honeybee but i'm still sitting in your junkyard sofa writing down the bones of love and harmony and the ceremony fades but something still remains it's the words on the page and bernadine bernadine steady now steady now hold steady ceremonies fade but bernadine remains in the words on the page bernadine bernadine