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Never Disappear

Keith Hampton
Keith Hampton/BMI


from HOPEFIRE (2002)


same old friday evening and we waste it every week i meet you at your front door and we head down to the street where the bitter winter chill invades like a cancer in the night you put up your trench coat collar and i pull my gloves on tight so we catch a train to somewhere it never matters where we go we just try to spend more time apart from the pain we know inside you don't share confessions and they stay silent on my tongue so we're never second guessing how much we revealed when the morning after comes but tonight i held your gaze a bit too long and in your eyes i recognized the refrain of an ancient love song don't you know how long my heart has been tangled up in make believe? oh to break the bonds of circumstance we might move a little closer to free there's a ghost behind your eyes some spirit that dwells in times gone past and i wonder how many others loved you who you never could love back so i go before you saddened for you leave me with no peace and even if i'll never be your precious one you'll always be precious to me and maybe i've been foolish but these days each breath i breathe makes a testimony to a love that faded away like some forgotten dream though i'm powerless to kiss you i gain strength each time you're near and i need you to promise even if it's a lie you're never never gonna disappear same old friday evening and we waste it every week what would i give for another? what would i say if we should speak? see the spirit in your eyes is gone as you think of me and laugh and i become the last to love you though you never never loved me back