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The Secret

Keith Hampton
Keith Hampton/BMI


from HOPEFIRE (2002)


what is the secret of youth? it won't stay long enough to give answers to anyone let's reveal it let's reveal it it's the wonder you feel when it snows in the spring or a song rushes forth from your mind so fast you can't write it down but you know you'll remember before you can judge and before you can hate you just love to taste and to touch to feel and to look and to listen to all that's around you your magic is real and your love is divine you are stillness in motion no walls no windows can keep you inside you just run run run as you stand on your own start to know your own face the storybooks close for a time and the world says you're growing and you still love to hide but you don't fit the space you make plans make demands on this impossible future that suddenly rains down and who will you be? what's your belief? surviving those questions used to be easy now it's all you can do to meet the morning little by little you can lessen your pain as shades of serenity settle and let you move on maybe you'll love someone maybe you'll love someone what was the secret of youth? will you know when it's passed? or maybe it stays like a lingering spark in your eye maybe