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I Am the Ocean

Keith Hampton
Keith Hampton


Keith Hampton: voice, rhythm guitar
Michael Mood: drums, bass
Nick Venturella: electric guitar
Anna Huckabee Tull: harmony vocals

Dedicated to Victoria Amari

(c) 2014 Keith Hampton/BMI


well i know from luck
and this is better than lucky
something's going on--it's not quite clear
but there's a meaning in motion
like i could pick the Powerball
stand up and rise above it all
and lean a little further
out into the ocean
i am the ocean
so i lean a little further
fear can't stop the winner
of the next love lottery

walking down in the muck
i can always look up from here
something has to give
the cracks are crucial
where the light comes in
and maybe it's my job to be
standing still, peacefully
and to lean a little further
out into the ocean
i am the ocean
i can lean a little further
setbacks are the comebacks
in a great love history

i make it up as i go along
making light is making right
with no such thing as wrong
i feel so strong inside

we are the ocean
we can always lean a little further
nothing could be better
than the love we're made of
you and me
we are the ocean
you and me