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We Were Lions

Keith Hampton
Keith Hampton


Keith Hampton: voice, guitar
Michael Mood: keyboards
Todd Thompson: percussion

(c) 2014 Keith Hampton/BMI


i was only one of the many
to have captured your heart
and i was only ever half as ready
to step into that vacant role 
and play my part

oh the one you had in mind
so many boundaries ill-defined
and when i kissed you in my mind
it never felt right
no no not quite

long long ago when we were lions
we let our love flow and it roared
now we only growl and spar and snivel
and we scratch each other's aching backs
we're drawing blood more and more

and we are waging senseless wars
we are grasping so unsure
and the dreams come premature
they're never on time

now who will be my Journeyman?
who's gonna understand
what really matters?
i saw you as a best friend
but you wanted something else
now will we shine
or will we shatter?

maybe when i'm back on my feet
i'll be able to bear keeping in touch
these days i'm a soldier in retreat
and i thank God you didn't stay any longer
glad you didn't love me that much

to hang your heart out on this ledge
to hold the heat of all my judgements
'cause when we hurt it makes no sense
it can't be right
no no not quite