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As requested by an audience member at the Mozaic room, here is the poem I read on stage during my set. It was the first time I've ever included my own poetry in my show, and thanks to all who gave positive feedback. I like it too...! NON-SENSE lover, how do you see me? as a dangerous endeavor, sometimes sweetly motivated but often up to devilry? do you fear that i aim to steal your soul's ability? see me as i am: a man-shaped mirror designed to collect the finest of your light and broadcast it back to the universe as it shimmers through our friendship faces lover, how do you taste me? do i betray the coffee and sweet things in which i delight? how does my own scent, which i make both with & without effort, ring across your tongue when you sample my best places as i sigh into you? sense me as i am: made of the same essence as you, like every dear one, every stranger. find in me the comforts of familiarity and the intrigue of my own mysteries. let joy sweeten all our miseries. lover, what do you hear in me? i have simply said my "peace." i have given love and only asked for an occasional kiss. but you seem to hear some trepidatious terms in a contract i have not proposed. hear only my song. won't you rise and sing along? be a kind of harmony, cast away the fear of always and spend now with me. i have many ways to soothe and charm you. hear me truly as i am: be near to me when you wish, or when you can. i have no means to harm you, no schemes. say not, lover, how you experience me. rather, continue from within you. let me the blessed witness be. (c)2006 Keith Hampton. All rights reserved.