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  • Apr 22

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2. Dream vessel

SONGblog continues today with “Dream vessel” [listen here], the second track and original title of the album. After the new songs emerged and the idea for Journeyman started to crystallize, I moved “Dream Vessel” to the second track and decided to name my podcast after it. Now I have a theme song for the podcast!

Let me rattle your reason. Let me shatter your cage…
This song was born as part of a songwriting project with Timmy Riordan, of Fearless Songwriting. We both used a bit of poetry by Rumi to write songs on the same day. Our prompt was:

“Be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder. Help someone's soul heal. Walk out of your house like a shepherd.” ― Rumi

Album cover

I’m the lamp in your lighthouse. You can ride in my lifeboat. Let me throw you a ladder…

This song, along with “Tears I could not cry,” was inspired by a friend who helped me through some tough times. In “Dream vessel,” I imagine encouraging my friend to be brave and to take chances, just as I knew I needed to do. For the bridge, I borrowed a quirky saying from the TV show Ally McBeal, “bygones,” which I loved turning around to “let your bygones be bygones, be.” I also included the phrase "consider yourself kissed goodnight," something an early love used to say to me.

Chris Vincent’s haunting drumming and Ksenia Mack’s dreamy guitar solos are some of my favorite performances on this album.

Tuning: DGCFAD, Key of G.

Keith Hampton: voice, rhythm guitar
Chris Vincent: drums
Ksenia Mack: “dreamy” guitar

(c) 2014 Keith Hampton/BMI

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consider yourself
kissed goodnight
imagine me there
holding you tight

i'm the lamp in your lighthouse
you can ride in my lifeboat
let me throw you a ladder
c'mon climb on board
this moonlit dream vessel…
my dream vessel

you want a failsafe fortune?
you want to bask in your bliss?
well now consider yourself
if you believe you exist
let me rattle your reason
let me shatter your cage
let's rehearse a disaster
c'mon climb on board
this moonlit dream vessel…
my dream vessel

let your bygones be bygones…
consider yourself

if you can shine in the shadows
you can burn with belief
if you can deal with duality
baby you can climb on board
this moonlit dream vessel…
my dream vessel 

consider yourself kissed goodnight