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  • Apr 22

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12. Over again

Track 12, "Over again" [listen here], was also written during a Fearless Songwriting week, and is the newest tune included on Journeyman. The song was written in response to the photograph pasted below. Sometimes our inspiration in the songwriting group comes from visuals rather than from text prompts. 

The first lyrics I wrote were: "In the meantime, I'll sit right here / My corner of moonlight, my sacred sphere..."

I can't hold it up anymore...

Those lyrics didn't seem to fit as verses, so I kept them aside and started the song over. Over again! The original words came back to me when I was looking for the bridge, or middle section. 

The song makes a good bookend: images of reincarnation, redemption, and renewal. The "journey" of Journeyman never really ended. It's always starting over again.

Album cover

No need to water the weeds...

Producer Michael Mood plays keyboards and all the credit for arranging goes to him.

Tuning: DGCFAD. Key of D.

Keith Hampton: voice, rhythm guitar
Michael Mood: keyboards

(c) 2014 Keith Hampton/BMI

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who's gonna know my name
when i'm set in stone?
who's gonna tell my tales
when i'm buried alone?
who's gonna fight my wars
when the dust of my bones
is let loose on the wind?
starting over again
over again

everything's incomplete
nothing's ever done
everything makes me see
what i was thinking of
and everything i believe
came from somewhere
someone poured it right into me
no need to water the weeds
no need

so in the meantime
i'll sit right here
my corner of moonlight
my sacred sphere
i can't hold it up anymore
i can't figure out the final score
until i recall what to forgive you for
forgive me for
forgive us for

everyone feels my love
when i can feel it too
everyone knows my soul
when it's alive in you
everyone does their best
and i forget that truth
when the example is me
i’m starting over
you see?
over again