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  • Apr 22

    Tuvalu Coffeehouse & Gallery


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6. Sideliner

Track 6, "Sideliner" [listen here], is about feeling marginalized sometimes, and finding the acceptance where you feel most comfortable with yourself. Sometimes we send ourselves to the sidelines, and that's not a bad thing if we can enjoy the view from wherever we are. 

I always take the longer way around…

Some people prefer country roads, backstreets, and alternate routes, just for the sake of taking extra time and avoiding the need to "wrestle with a rushing crowd." Some people are shy and take their time getting to know others, as well. Even shy people have a special place where they shine -- on stage, for example, for someone who feels more confident singing to strangers than with small talk. The sidelines are where you can see the fuller picture.

Album cover

I'm a benchwarmer…

Producer Michael Mood rocks out on drums and bass, and sings along too. He brought in Evan Riley to play lead guitar and all I did was sing and strum my beaten up, old Takemine (not a Taylor...yet). 

Tuning: CGDGBD, capo on strings 1-5 at 5th fret. Key of C.

Keith Hampton: voice, rhythm guitar
Michael Mood: drums, bass, harmony vocals
Evan Riley: electric guitar

(c) 2014 Keith Hampton/BMI

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i always watched from the window
two or three stories high
because I never ran with the real boys
never was one of the rough guys

jump cut: twenty years later
(i'll have to raise that number soon)
conjured by a pen and some paper
here alone in my living room

i'd still rather duck into darkness
than wrestle with a rushing crowd
you can find me on a side street baby
i always take the longer way around

but if you let me work it out
i’m a brilliant pathfinder
but if you want your way
i’m sorry to say
i don’t hurry
i won't rush now
see i’m a benchwarmer

set me up with a Taylor guitar
a microphone between the world and me
i decide how the flow of the night goes
when my name glows on the big marquee

and i've got some light to stand in
i know the lines and i know my cues
i can sing i can tell a few stories
make you laugh make you dig my moves

i see you watch from that window
you hear my voice through the cafe door
i've got a tune and i've got your attention
i've still got a few minutes more

i'm gonna watch you work it out
because you're a beautiful reminder
and if you want your way
i'm happy to say
i don't hurry
i won't rush now
come and sit yourself down

won't you help me turn around?
be my dream love designer
i might get my way
i might win this game
'til i hurry and i rush too far
see i'm a benchwarmer
meant to be on deck
just like the rest
and now i guess