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  • Apr 22

    Tuvalu Coffeehouse & Gallery


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9. Waking time

Track 9, "Waking time" [listen here], was definitely the most fun song to perform and record. It's about getting real - when someone puts on a mask or tells you what they want you to hear, it's as real (or unreal) as a dream. 

Every moment is not a motivation...

Sitting across from a new acquaintance (OK, a first date!) I remember thinking to myself: "every reason is not a revelation!" We don't need to explain all the fine details of our stories. We can just live them, here and now. That's the essence of this song. It doesn't have to be difficult to get to know one another. 

Album cover

Do we keep dreaming just to dream, and miss the waking time between?

Michael Mood plays an athletic drum track. Guest musician "Tall" Paul Sabel delivered a searing harmonica lead. I attempt to keep up with them both! 

Tuning: DGCFAD. Key of dm.

Keith Hampton: voice, guitar
Michael Mood: drums, bass
"Tall" Paul Sabel: harmonica

(c) 2014 Keith Hampton/BMI

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every reason is not a revelation
every tale is not the truth
every moment is not a motivation
sometimes you do it
just get through it
just for you

and you still wonder
but you can only guess
and if you agonize and criticize
you'll miss the next chance to decide
will you keep dreaming
just to dream
and miss the waking time between?

you surprised me
you were quiet you were brave
we melded better in the dark
but i've been careful
i've been guarded and afraid
i still keep searching for a spark

and so i wonder
and i can only guess
will this be wonderful or wasteful?
does it matter if i make a new mistake?
or just let it ride
trusting that joy will step inside?

we still wonder
it's anybody's guess
and no need to agonize or criticize
the infinite chances to decide
will we keep dreaming
just to dream?
what is this waking time we seek?

what if this story holds a tiny revelation?
what if this tale reveals some truth?
what if this moment is our only motivation?