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Keith Hampton
2010 Keith Hampton / BMI


from Tyranena

Keith Hampton: Tyranena

Voice, guitar: KH


some will come to you unexpectedly
some may rise from your circle of friends
some may run from you, sometimes smother you
some you let go, some will leave, still you dream that just one
will stay 'til the end

some will look for you, some you must pursue
a few you follow, and sometimes you'll lead
some write songs for you, others bring the blues
some you see darkly, but the best of them bring you the light
that you need

go on cry brother
i understand what you feel
all these lies and goodbyes
start to seem so unreal
so i'll try to remind you
as time tends to heal
that any evidence of love
should be reason enough
to believe

some remember you fine and fondly
a few you cherish and none you regret
some deliver you, some distract and some
carry you into the next natural someone
and yet

any evidence of love
is still reason enough
to believe

some will come to you unexpectedly