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Keith Hampton
2010 Keith Hampton / BMI


from Tyranena

Keith Hampton: Tyranena

Voice, guitar: KH


long nights in tyranena
long time since here was home
there are legends in the water
there are stories in the stone

sometimes i wished for
better than getting by
now i guess
i shouldn't wish so hard
i shouldn't wish so hard

a restless soul in tyranena
is just as restless anywhere
it always wonders as it wanders
there are fragile mystic memories everywhere

what if i wish forever?
what's left to find?
if i knew better
i wouldn't run so far
i wouldn't wish so hard

they can light their fires to harm you
and they can shout their angry words
they might freeze you like a polaroid
and you can choose to stay
but there are many ways of leaving

time never flies in tyranena
until you leave, and while you're gone
nothing changes; only everything
your dreams of dreamlessness still linger on

could i have wished for better
than getting by?
now i know
what i was wishing for
i don't have to run no more