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Worry Train

Keith Hampton
2010 Keith Hampton / BMI


from Tyranena

Keith Hampton: Tyranena

Voice, guitar: KH


i try not to get bummed out
in this mess of maybes
i don't listen to the hissing of
my own negativity
oh, i'm trying to
live these questions gracefully
but i can't stop this worry train
for what's behind me
i drive the worry train

i never notice my spirit
until it's been gone
and i don't reckon any devil
any angel ever looked my way
but oh i'm loving the motion of
moving on in any direction
please slow down this worry train
for peace to find me
'cause i drive the worry train

well i could pick up the pace
take myself out of the race
train these worries to settle still
i'm breathing steaming and
i will
you will
find me

'cause i drive the worry train
only i steer the worry train
so i'm gonna train these worries